Showcase: Badlands Teefkickerz – Extra Players and Staff

The most kunningist and most brutalist team to not yet take the field, the Badlands Teefkickerz can’t stop spending their gold to bolster their squad. Jason’s here to share a few new additions to his team…

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Showcase: The Badlands Teefkickerz

There’s a new craze finding it’s way through the Brookhammer crew: BLOOD BOWL! When the Brookhammer Cup wraps up we’ll be kicking off (pun intended) our first Blood Bowl league! One of those teams to be featured is Jason’s Orc Team – The Badlands Teefkickerz! Read on to see more about them…

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Jersey Devil 2018 – Our Entries

This past weekend, the crew headed out to New Jersey for the newest premiere painting competitions in the Northeast: The Jersey Devil. Read on to check out some of our entries and which ones placed…

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Yearhammer 2018

It’s that time of year again and Yearhammer is once again upon us!¬†We’re ready to kick off the New Year with our third annual mega battle once again featuring the unending battle between Imperium and Xenos (with an even larger Chaos force joining the battle)! Team Imperium look to “defend” their streak and mount a second victory . . . Continue reading Yearhammer 2018