Jersey Devil Painting Competition - Our Entries

Jersey Devil 2018 – Our Entries

This past weekend, the crew headed out to New Jersey for the newest premiere painting competitions in the Northeast: The Jersey Devil. Read on to check out some of our entries and which ones placed…

With so much to talk about and share, we decided to break this up into two posts. Yesterday we talked about the event in general and today we have the second half where we wanted to share all the awesome minis and displays by the crew (and who took home trophies). Check it out…


Making the Imperium proud this weekend, Alejandro entered the Single, Squad (40K), Vehicle, Walker and Army Display (40K) categories:


All is rot! Bo brought his Death Guard force en-masse to take on the Army Display (40K) category:


A little decay, a little trickery and some Orkish engineering, Jason entered the Single, Squad (40K), Vehicle and Walker categories:


Matt showed off his Sigmar side at the event, entering the Squad (AoS) and Army Display (AoS) categories:


More glory for the Emperor, Max brought a mix of Blood Angels and Scythes of the Emperor (and a Crisis Suit, don’t tell the Emperor) themed items for the Single, Squad (40K), Vehicle, Walker and Army Display (40K) categories:


Showing off his Craftworld, Mike showcased his Eldar in the Single, Walker and Army Display (40K) categories:


With a mix of Warhammer and Bolt Action models, Sawyer entered the Squad (other), Walker and Army Display (40K) categories:


Entering pretty much every category with something different, Tim really brought it entering the Single, Squad (40K), Vehicle, Walker, Army Display (40K), Army Display (AoS) and Other categories:


With a mix of Blood Angels and Eldar, Tony entered the Single, Vehicle, Army Display (40K) and Other categories:

The Winners

Some amazing stuff, right? And these are just our entries! There were amazing stuff entered in every single category.

So who won and with what? Here’s a list of the finalist positions and trophies taken home:

– Finalist in Walkers for his Ultramarines Redemptor Dreadnought

– Finalist in Walkers with his Goff Stompa
– 3rd place in Vehicle for his Death Guard Mastodon
– 3rd place in Squads (40K) with his Death Guard squad

– 3rd place in Squads (40K) with his Death Riders

– 3rd in Walker for his Scythes of the Emperor Leviathan Dreadnought

– 3rd in Squads (other) for his Bolt Action squad

– 3rd in Single for his Dante
– 1st in Squad (40K) for his Blood Angels
– 2nd in Vehicle for his Black Templar Land Raider
– 2nd in Army Display (40K) for his Blood Angels
– 1st in Army Display (AoS) for his Stormcast Eternals
– 2nd in Open for his Warlord

– Finalist in Single for his Blood Angel Captain
– Finalist in Vehicle for his Blood Angel Whirlwind
– Finalist in Open for his Blood Angel/Tyranid Display
– 3rd in Army Display (40k) with his Eldar display

Once again, we just want to thank the Mythicos Studios crew for putting on such an amazing event and we look forward to next years Jersey Devil!

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