The Badlands Teefkickerz

Showcase: The Badlands Teefkickerz

There’s a new craze finding it’s way through the Brookhammer crew: BLOOD BOWL! When the Brookhammer Cup wraps up we’ll be kicking off (pun intended) our first Blood Bowl league! One of those teams to be featured is Jason’s Orc Team – The Badlands Teefkickerz! Read on to see more about them…

How could I not go Orcs for my first Blood Bowl team? Plus, I was lucky enough to get the team from Tim G!

I’ve always wanted to paint a Bad Moons scheme but for 40K, I’ve been pretty loyal to the Goff Klan. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try and also try my hand at painting yellow.



Black Orcs


Full Team & Markers

To go along with all the photos, I’ve also created a 4K video showcase to my Youtube channel:

So this is just the start of my Blood Bowl team. After getting a few games in with them I definitely want to get more Blitzers (they are amazing). I also picked up a Troll and a goblin to see if I can have fun with them, switch up the gameplay style a bit.

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