Orks v. Death Guard

Orks v. Death Guard

This weekend we saw a quick game featuring Jason’s Orks taking on Bo’s Death Guard, our first game this year since the big Yearhammer megabattle and Bo’s fourth game playing Warhammer! A really wacky game that came down to the very last dice roll, read on . . .

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels.
Orks: 50 PL
Death Guard: 45 PL

Only War Mission: 
We used the Open War cards to decide what the game type would be.

  • The Objective: Invasion was the objective for the game. The players roll off; starting with the winner, they then take it in turns to set up one objective marker each, anywhere in their own deployment zone. A player wins immediately if they control both objective markers at the end of their opponent’s turn.
  • The Twist: Set Piece Battle was drawn. Instead of setting up units one at ta time, the player that won the roll-off to see who sets up first must set up all of the units in their army. Their opponent then sets up all of the units in their army.
  • The Ruse: Dug In! for the Death Guard. Any of your units that are not in cover count as being in cover as long at they remain stationary

Using the Open War cards, the teams deployed in opposite corners.


Jason’s Orks:
Battalion Detachment — Warboss, Weirdboy, Mob of 19 choppa/slugga boyz with a Boss Nob, Mob of 9 choppa/slugga boyz with a Boss Nob, Mob of 8 shoota boyz with a big shoota boy and Boss Nob, Mob of 5 burna boyz, Mob of 5 Tankbustas, unit of 3 Lobba Big Gunz, (2) Trukks

Bo’s Death Guard:
Unbound — Typhus, (2) units of Blightlord Terminators, Foetid-Blight Drone


Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • The first turn saw Jason using Da Jump to toss a unit of 20 Boyz across the board and camp out in front of the building where Bo was holding his objective. He then spent his turn shooting the Foetid-Blight Drone, which tanked quite a few wounds.
  • On Bo’s first turn, he deep struck in behind Jason’s line and unloaded mass firepower, taking out a unit of 10 boyz. He then decided to assault the Warboss, which survived the first round of fighting and took out a few Terminators!
  • The following round, the Tankbustas in a trukk unleashed their rokkits on the Drone to blow it out of the skies.
  • The Warboss got to fight first and he wiped out the rest of the Terminators!
  • After that, turns 3&4 went REALLY fast with the Orks staging outside the building housing the Death Guard’s objective
  • On turn 5, the Orks attacked! So much green blood spilled, but the Death Guard held on and controlled the Objective
  • A dice was rolled to see if the game went on for another turn, it did!
  • The Orks took out the rest of the Terminators and focused on Typhus, who held on but couldn’t kill off enough Orks by the end of his turn . . .

Final Score:
Jason: 1 VP
Bo: 0 VP

Winner - Orks!

After six rounds and coming down to the final dice throws, the Orks steal the second objective from the Death Guard to claim victory for the Green Tide!

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