Yearhammer 2018

Yearhammer 2018

It’s that time of year again and Yearhammer is once again upon us! We’re ready to kick off the New Year with our third annual mega battle once again featuring the unending battle between Imperium and Xenos (with an even larger Chaos force joining the battle)! Team Imperium look to “defend” their streak and mount a second victory . . .

Game Setup & Special Rules

Duration: 2 days
Table Size: 4 foot by 10 foot
Power Level – Over 1,500 PL a side!
Game Type: Attack / Defense
Winner: The team with the most victory points at the end of the battle.
Other Rules & Notes:

  • A team could earn 10 VP for capturing the Skyshield Landing Pad, 20 VP for capturing the Void Shield Generator and 30 VP for either destroying or defending the HQ from a bomb explosion. Also, killing the other team’s warmaster would net a team 5 VP. Alternatively, if Team Chaos/Xenos could take their bomb all the way across the board and into the Imperiums HQ, the game would be won.
  • We utilized the “End of the World” damage table from the Exterminatus Apocolypse game mission found in Chapter Approved 2017. But instead of every battle round, we rolled on it every team turn after Turn 1.
  • The morale stage was ignored for both teams for the entire game.
  • Each team had a pool of 25 Command Points to share.
  • We allowed for recycling of models lost in battle to keep the tides of war flowing. At the start of a team turn, 1 CP could be used to roll to see if a unit came back: On a 2+ any <infantry> unit could return and on a 5+ any other model could return. No named characters or warmasters could be brought back and if the roll was failed, they were charged a second CP point.
  • To keep the game moving, turns 1 and 2 were set to 2 hour time limits per team. On day 2, we wanted to make sure we could get to Turn 3, so we set 1 hour time limits per team per round.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO GREY PLASTIC MODELS ALLOWED. Everything must be painted!


Team Chaos/Xenos:
The forces of Chaos were none to pleased with the Orks attempts last year and look to lead the Xeno forces this year. Multiple Chaos Legions have banned together to lead their Dark Imperium on the hunt to sieze control of an Imperium City. The Tau and Eldar look to join the fight to rid the planet of the Emperor’s finest in a dark pact (that may be temporary).

The Xeno/Chaos forces are played by:
– Bo: Death Guard
– Brendan: Tau
– Jason: Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Orks
– Mike: Eldar

Team Imperium:
After holding off the Xeno threat and maintaining control of their Zone Mortalis from last year, the Imperial Forces are called in to help defend one of their mightiest cities from the advance of the Dark Imperium. The Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Adeptus Mechanicus have all arrived to help bolster the mighty armor of the Astra Militarum as the look to hold the might walls around the city at whatever cost.

The Imperium forces are played by:
– Alejandro – Astra Militarum, Ultramarines
– Leo – Astra Militarum, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels
– Max – Astra Militarum, Blood Angels
– Shane – Space Wolves, Adeptus Mechanicus


Team Imperium
The Imperium parking lot full of the heaviest armor found in the grim dark protecting their HQ from the bomb delivery.

Team Chaos/Xenos
The combined forces of Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, Orks, Tau and Eldar march forward to burn down the Imperium stronghold.

The Battle!
In the grim dark future … there is only WAR!

Looking for more? Don’t worry, we have over 200 more photos and videos available to view on Google Photos. 

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • Originally, we had planned to play on a 4×12 board, but during setup found it would be more comfortable to play on a 4×10 on a rug. Go go NYC apartments. After deploying our forces, we quickly realized maybe we could have gone with less Power Level per team, ha!
  • Gaze of Mork landed hit after hit for both Stompas. It delivered the killing blow on the Marauder twice and hilariously, a squad of guardsman decided to assault it and one poor lad was reduced to goo from the Gaze!
  • The Goff Stompa used all it’s shooting in Overwatch to kill one squad of guardsman. But by doing this, it kept other Imperium forces from trying to make the same mistake.
  • One squad of Nurglings lasted through a lot of shooting, holding the Void Shield Generator for two turns.
  • The Orks were ready to jump multiple squads of 30 boyz but there was simply no room for them. Instead they held the back lines, not allowing any ‘umes from deep striking in.
  • The Imperial Fists Falchion went on the hunt, taking out titan after titan. It focused down the Eldar Revenant Titan a few times as well as finishing off the Death Guard Mastodon (but not before the Mastodon’s siege array one shot melted a Blood Angels Land Raider)
  • All three Goff Dakkajets crashed and burned, delivering a lot of wounds on the Imperium Tank parking lot.
  • The great equalizer against both teams were the “End of the World” world damage each team took before their every turn.
  • The Primarch brothers finally made their presence known on Turn 4, flying in and causing alarm for Team Imperium. The downside is the rest of the Chaos/Xenos team destroyed the Imperium wall opening up multiple fire lanes to take them down.
  • Magnus flew across the table to the Void Shield generator and assaulted three Blood Angel heavy hitters: A librarian, Dante and the Sanguinor. He turned all three into Chaos Spawns in a fury of combat.
  • The Imperium Warhound went down in Turn 4 to the returning Tau Supremecy suit. But thankfully for Team Imperium (and a lucky dice re-roll), it did not explode.
  • For the start of Team Imperiums 4th turn, the Blood Angels wanted their revenge on their fallen leaders and focused fire on Magnus the Red. General Pask unleashed a fury of fire, multiple Imperial assassins and an Aquila Macro Cannon returned the Crimson King to the Warp.
  • Mortarion, not making it into combat in their previous turn and in plain view due to the fallen wall, was a prime target for a lot of Imperial tank shooting. He shrugged off A LOT of shooting but the Falchion proved too much for the Angel of Death and he went down, but didn’t explode.
  • A Valkyrie and the might of the Imperium Artillery turned their focus to Scabeiathrax the Bloated, the Chaos/Xenos Warmaster. Only one wound found it’s way through his thick, bloated hide!
  • Both Warmasters made it through the game without dying. Guilliman only took a few mortal wounds due to “End of the World” events and Scabeiathrax took a few himself but healed himself during the pysker phase.

Final Score:
Team Imperium: 50 VP
Team Chaos/Xenos: 10 VP

Victory for the Imperium

After both Primarchs fell at the end of Turn 4, there wasn’t much hope for Team Chaos/Xenos with no room to deep strike units in to take back control of the Void Shield generator. The game was called after four intense rounds!

And for the second year in a row, victory belongs to Team Imperium!

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