Showcase: Biologus Putrifier and Foul Blightspawn

The two latest additions to Jason’s never ending Death Guard legion are two elite characters ready to spread Nurgle’s blessing…

It’s been my mission to get at least one of every model from the Death Guard line for my force. The latest two to join the list are the¬†Biologus Putrifier and Foul Blightspawn.

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Paint Off VI – Squads

We’re keeping the Paint Off train rolling this year a month after our last round. We thought we’d do something a bit different this time around, rather than focus on a single model (big or small) we thought we’d go a bit bigger this time – an entire squad! Big or small, let’s see what the crew painted up this time…

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Paint Off V – The Reveal

Hot off the heals of our recent Space Marine Paint Off challenge, we wanted to keep the steam rolling and rolled into another featuring Vehicles. But out of pure coincidence –¬† Alejandro, Max and Jason all picked Dreadnoughts! Time to reveal all their hard work

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Paint Off V – Kickoff

No slowing down in 2022 for the Brookhammer crew! Hot off the heals of our January Paint Off, we’re ready to get the next one started.

For our fifth round, we’re focusing on Machines of Weath. Vehicles, dreads, tanks, aircraft. If it’s a machine and it kills the enemy force, it’s fair game. Keep an eye on our Instagram account this month as we share updates and teasers leading up to the full reveal.

Showcase: Black Templars

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen some of Tim’s amazing Black Templar work. Today, we’re going to highlight two of them in grand fashion: Chaplain Grimaldus and High Marshal Helbrecht.

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Paint Off IV – The Reveal

We’ve kicked off 2022 getting back to one of our favorite group projects – the Paint Off Challenge! For our fourth installment, a bunch of the crew focused on Space Marine Captains or Lieutenant for the month of January. Time to reveal all their hard work…

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