Orks v. Death Guard

Orks v. Death Guard

Last month, Bo’s Death Guard took on Jason’s Orks in a game that saw the Greenskins show that Orks iz da Best. The Death Guard were non-pleased and sought out for revenge and planned an invasion on the Ork homeworld. Read on to see if their plans worked out…

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels.
Both armies were at 66PL

Only War Mission: 
We used the Open War cards to decide what the game type would be.

  • The Objective: King Slayer was the objective for the game. Each player adds up the Power Rating of any enemy units that are destroyed during the battle, doubling their total score at the end of the battle if one of the models slain was the enemy warlord. At the end of the fifth battle round, the player with the
    highest total wins the battle (even if their own army has been wiped out!).
  • The Twist: Grudge Match was drawn. Units do not have to take Morale tests in this battle.
  • The Ruse: No ruse was used since both teams were equal in PL.

Using the Open War cards, the teams deployed using the Hammer and Anvil layout on a 4×4 board.


Jason’s Orks:
Battalion Detachment — Warboss, Weirdboy, Mob of 20 choppa/slugga boyz with a Boss Nob, Mob of 10 choppa/slugga boyz with a Boss Nob, a unit of Gretchin, Runthearder, a mob of 6 Nobz on Warbikes, Mob of 5 burna boyz, Mob of 5 Tankbustas, unit of 2 Lobba Big Gunz, (2) Trukks

Bo’s Death Guard:
Spearhead Detachment — Typhus, (2) units of Blightlord Terminators, a unit of Deathshroud Teriminators, a unit of Plague Marines, a unit of Pox Walkers, Foetid-Blight Drone


Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • The Death Guard went first and saw Typhus and all his Terminators arrived from deep orbit and landed on the Ork planet. They landed 9 inches away from the bulk of the horde.
  • Typhus and the Deathshroud charged first into the unit of Nob Bikers and tore up the entire mob with their blades.
  • A unit of Blightlord Terminators focus fired an Ork trukk and saw it reduced to rubble. On their turn, the unit of Tankbustas that were in the trukk retreated into the other Trukk with the Burnas to drive away.
  • The two mobs of boyz used one of the new Ork strategems to merge into a bigger waaaagh and decided to charge in for revenge against Typhus and the Deathshroud. After hitting 60+ times, only 2 wounds found their way through, killing one of the Deathshroud
  • The Death Guard couldn’t wait to fight back and spent 2CP to fight before the Warboss could strike. The Deathshroud’s sweeping blades took out 10 more boyz!
  • Angered at his mob shrinking, the Warboss strikes back killing the last two Deathshroud Terminators.
  • On the next turn, Typhus angered by the loss of his bodyguards struck out and cut the head off the Warboss.
  • The last of the Orks are on the run but tried to take a few Marines with them. The last Ork standing was one Tankbusta who saw himself surrounded by the Plague Marines and Terminators. His screams of Waaaagh faded . . .

Final Score:
Jason: 11 VP
Bo: 70 VP

Victory for the Death Guard

After only 3 rounds, the Death Guard’s revenge was fully realized with the last of the Greenskin horde wiped from the junkyard planet. Grandfather Nurgle is pleased.

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