Showcase: Black Templars

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen some of Tim’s amazing Black Templar work. Today, we’re going to highlight two of them in grand fashion: Chaplain Grimaldus and High Marshal Helbrecht.

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WIP Showcase: Bretonnian Knights

We tend to show a lot of finished models, leaving works in progress to our individual and group Instagram accounts. But today, we wanted to share a look at Tim’s next big project. Not content with just Blood Angels and Orks, Tim wanted to take on a real challenge for this year’s painting tournament scene. Today we’re sharing a look at the start of his Bretonnian Knight display. Read on to find out more . . .

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Showcase: Sanguinius

If there’s one Primarch that was at the top of many of the group’s list, it would be none other than the leader of the Blood Angels. Tim was lucky enough to get his hands on this amazing sculpt and couldn’t wait to get some paint on it. Read on to check it out!

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