The Badlands Teefkickerz - Extra Players

Showcase: Badlands Teefkickerz – Extra Players and Staff

The most kunningist and most brutalist team to not yet take the field, the Badlands Teefkickerz can’t stop spending their gold to bolster their squad. Jason’s here to share a few new additions to his team…

Coaching Staff!

To add more kunnin’ to the team, they brought on a new head and assistant coach. Shane had this awesome pair from Gamesday past and gave them to me to tinker with for his 40k Orks. I never got around to adding them to that force but thought they’d make for a perfect coaching staff!

Bolstering up the squad…

First up, need to bolster the squad with some extra key position players…

Then with some extra coin, how about some added muscle with a big nasty Troll!

With a little extra (under the table funding), the Teefkickerz brought in some flashy names to help fill the seats: The Black Gobbo and Varag Ghoul-Chewer!!!

Sadly, I really haven’t a chance to use my team at all yet due to the pandemic. But once we start getting some games in again, I’ll definitely be ready!

One last parting group shot (minus the troll, he’s camera shy)

The Badlands Teefkickerz - Extra Players & Coach

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