Paint Off 6 - The Reveal

Paint Off VI – Squads

We’re keeping the Paint Off train rolling this year a month after our last round. We thought we’d do something a bit different this time around, rather than focus on a single model (big or small) we thought we’d go a bit bigger this time – an entire squad! Big or small, let’s see what the crew painted up this time…

Black Templars

Painted by Max — They’re the start of a full sized crusader squad, but fieldable as an assault intercessor squad in the mean time…  which makes his 3rd edition inspired templar force a legal patrol detachment now! The slight conversion on the power fist is to represent the Fist of Balthus relic. It was a lot of fun mixing and matching colors on the guns and aquillas while still making them feel like a cohesive unit.

Black Templar Crusaders

Plague Marines

Painted by Alejandro — With these Plague Marines (from the Space Marine Heroes collection) he hopes to get a lot of use out of these characters in his school’s gaming club, given that some of his students have taken an interest in Nurgle!

Deathshroud Terminators

Painted by Jason — There’s no stopping Jason’s Death Guard force from amassing even more followers to Grandfather Nurgle. The latest addition is a squad of Deathshroud Terminators. You may have seen his 30K variants or even his 30k Cataphractii Terminators so it’s cool to see his scheme grow as his army does.

Deathshroud Terminators

And here’s a bonus video showcase of the mini


Yet another Paint Off challenge down, but there’s not stopping this train now! The crew has already started on the next challenge, and it’ll be … monstrous!

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