Paint Off IV - The Reveal

Paint Off IV – The Reveal

We’ve kicked off 2022 getting back to one of our favorite group projects – the Paint Off Challenge! For our fourth installment, a bunch of the crew focused on Space Marine Captains or Lieutenant for the month of January. Time to reveal all their hard work…

First Company Trio

Painted by Alejandro — Not content with just one model, Alejandro painted up three:  Two Bladeguard Veterans and an Ultramarines Captain (from the Space Heroes Series 1 Set). The two Bladeguard Veterans consist of a Primaris Lieutenant and a Captain, both of which used to be part of 6th company but where transferred to the 1st and continue to display their roots in their shield (orange). The Ultramarine Captain still fights when needed after recently returning from being lost in the warp alongside his squad of vets.

All three models were painted using the zenithal method, and then slowly layered with lighter tones. Finally other colors were blocked in and highlights were done in higher areas where the light might hit.

Third Company Captain

Painted by Max — Not content with starting only 1 new space marine army this year… Max is leaning into the nostalgia the Templars have awakened and is starting a “small” retro inspired Ultramarines 3rd Company force. He wanted to try some old school bright paint schemes with newer techniques and the boys in blue felt like the right project for it. It may just be an excuse to eventually try painting that classic severed Tyranid head banner though… 

Fourth Company Captain

Painted by Jason — This was Jason’s first time painting an Ultramarine (or heck, any loyalist really) and he wanted to do the goodest of the good, the company sworn to defend Ultramar — the 4th Company. But just because this Bladeguard Captain had won the battle, it doesn’t mean the war is over. One of Grandfather Nurgle’s young ones is hiding away underground ready to spread the greatest of gifts…

Lamenters Lieutenant

Painted by Tim G. — As we all know, yellow is the darkest color. So this Lamenter lieutenant of the 3rd company, marinated in the grim darkness of a cursed bloodline, seventeenth son of so-and-so, liberator of Vestigius, Low Gothic punner extraordinaire and probably, let’s face it, a heretic just like the rest of them, wears his yellow proudly. Will he live? Will he die? Yes.


What a fun way to kick off the new year! This also won’t be the last, we are gearing up for another round in during Febuary/March featuring [redacted] so check back soon!

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