Paint Off V - The Reveal

Paint Off V – The Reveal

Hot off the heals of our recent Space Marine Paint Off challenge, we wanted to keep the steam rolling and rolled into another featuring Vehicles. But out of pure coincidence –  Alejandro, Max and Jason all picked Dreadnoughts! Time to reveal all their hard work

Black Templar Redemptor

Painted by Max— I have been on a nostalgia kick with my #newyearnewarmies… and am making the Templar army I fantasized about since I saw the Blanche rule book cover in 1999. This is my first redemption kit ever and it was a joy. I sculpted the rock formation on the base in apoxie sculpt to match the rocky base of Helbrecht. I wanted a very dark and overwhelmingly black behemoth for this model, so I leaned in to transfers for heraldry and pops of color to bring attention to the weapons. I like to think that there is a fallen sword brother or bladeguard veteran sustained inside, and the sword he was fighting with when he fell is mounted on the armor as a reminder of his past deeds and badge of honour. Importantly, retro/Blanche inspired space marine model is complete without hazard stripes where possible. Looking forward to rewarding myself with another one of these at some point

A pair of Ultramarine Dreadnoughts

Painted by Alejandro — Not content with just one model, yet again, Alejandro worked on two new additions to his Ultramarines force: a Leviathan and a Contemptor Dreadnought.

Death Guard Contemptor

Painted by Jason— If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know Jason’s love affair with Chaos Contemptors. But why not add one more to his Death Guard force? But how to make it stand out from his others by more than just a pose? By repurposing a claw from the older Venerable Dreadnought which actually lined up pretty nicely.

And here’s a bonus video showcase of the mini


That’s another Paint Off challenge in the books, but definitely not the last. The next theme has already been picked and building has commenced, so check back soon for the a tease at what’s to come.

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