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Showcase: Death Guard Mastodon

What’s better than a tank? THE BIGGEST OF THE TANKS! With 8th edition, Chaos can finally take the mighty Mastodon and Jason couldn’t wait to add it to his Death Guard forces . . .

My original plan was to pick this up to add to my Armies on Parade display last November, but I wasn’t able to finish the board AND the tank in time so instead I opt’d to have it ready for this year’s epic Yearhammer battle. It transported a bunch of troops and two dreads and one-shot a Land Raider, but then died to TONS of Imperium shooting.


To be honest, building it was a HUGE pain in the ass. Lots of warped components led me to just gluing in the front and back access doors. When gluing together the side weapons, I accidentally glued the heavy flamer one backwards so had to do some cutting to make it work (probably didn’t really notice did you?).

Either way, had a great time painting this kit and it’s one of my favorite paint jobs for my growing Death Guard army.

6 thoughts on “Showcase: Death Guard Mastodon”

    1. I get this question a lot and it’s why I’ll be writing up a tutorial very soon! But the quick answer:

      Bone: GW’s Terminatus Stone (Air)
      Green: GW’s Death World Forest (air)

      I then do highlights with a lighter color of each mixed in. Detail work follows then a satin varnish followed by an all over wash of AK Interactive Streaking Grime.

      Be sure to check back soon, hoping to do a written and maybe a video tutorial! 🙂

    1. From what I’ve read in the Imperial Armour Chaos Book, you can. It has as a keyword and haven’t seen anywhere that they can’t. I’ve only used it in one Apocalypse game though.

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