Horrors of Tzeentch

Showcase: Horrors of Tzeentch

Death Guard aren’t the only force of Chaos that Jason runs, he’s also an agent of Change! Check out his latest daemon additions…

Around mid-2017, I wanted to re-enforce my Thousand Sons with a mix of some Chaos Daemons. I started out with a set of Pink Horrors┬ásince I loved the Split special rule. I didn’t have the other two deaemons to perform this so I was always borrowing some Genestealers from Max to run as proxy. But thanks to my girlfriend, she got me a box of Blue/Brimstone Horrors! I quickly painted them up for the Yearhammer battle. It’s so nice to see the real models when they split now!

Blue Horrors

Going in, I knew I wanted a nice bright blue for the these guys. I used a variety of blues from Vallejo Game Air and mimicked the technique from the Pink Horrors. Since the Pink Horrors had blue tongues, I thought I’d be fun to give these guys pink tongues as a call back.

Brimestone Horrors

With my entire Thousand Sons / Tzeentch force, I tend to do a yellow to green style for all my flames, as a call to the Warpflame they are so fond of and I wanted to carry that onto the Brimestone horrors as well. Nice change of pace from the normal yellow/orange you usually see.

The Horror Family

Pink, Blue and Brimestone Horrors

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  1. Thousand suns are a super cool faction of chaos space marines! My friend plays Tau, so he was dissapointed when the Tau lost…

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