Showcase: Armageddon Basilisk

Big guns never tire and Alejandro is back with one of the bigger guns for his Astra Militarum forces: the Armageddon Basilisk! Read on to check out more photos and his tricks and tips for building and painting one.

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Showcase: More Death Guard Leviathans

Last year, Jason built and painted his first Leviathan for his Death Guard forces. He loved painting the kit so much, he knew he needed more! Read on to check out the two new dreads he’s added to his force to form a trio of pain…

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Showcase: Great Unclean One

Jason lucked out receiving two Great Unclean One models when his old producer at EA Mythic sent him two models when the studio closed last year. Not a bad deal right? This is his second painted model of the pair. Now to strip the other one and repaint or keep it to show how far he’s come?

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