Death Guard Leviathans

Showcase: More Death Guard Leviathans

Last year, Jason built and painted his first Leviathan for his Death Guard forces. He loved painting the kit so much, he knew he needed more! Read on to check out the two new dreads he’s added to his force to form a trio of pain…

The main thing I wanted from all three was the ability to pick and chose how to load them out. Along with the first one, both of these are magnetized on the arms. I didn’t both with the missile launcher (not an option in 40K) and glued on the Heavy Flamers (only option in 40K games) with these two kits.

Leviathan #2

Leviathan #3

Group Shot

And here’s the trio together…

If you’re looking to pick up your own Leviathan, be sure to read Jason’s tutorial on how he magnetized theses three Dreadnoughts!

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