Chaos and Necron v. Astra Militarum and Blood Angels

This past weekend saw the group playing our biggest game of 8th Edition yet, with nearly 600 Power Level on the table! The forces of Chaos (Jason and Joe) joined together with the undying Necron (Seth) legion to bring a fight to the combined Imperium forces of the Astra Militarum (Alejandro and Leo) and the Blood Angels (Max).

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Showcase: Corteaz and Kell

We’re back again with more of Alejandro’s growing Astra Militarum force. Today we focus on his growing officer ranks featuring¬†Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Corteaz and Colour Sergeant Jarran Kell

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Inner Circle interview with Tim

When Tim found out he was one of the five winners of Inner Circle this year, one of the prizes was being flown down to Dallas to get some inside scoop on 8th edition and other goodies. Amongst the other goodies was being interviewed by the team down there. Today, the Inner Circle Facebook page updated with his talk. Check it out!

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Paint Off II – Kickoff

We’re excited to announce our second Paint Off challenge!

After our first Paint Off challenge, a random follower on Instagram was asked to pick what faction we should paint next. Eldar was picked and the winner, Max, picked the model we’ll all be painting. His choice: Eldrad Ulthran!

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