Showcase: Lord of Contagion and Plague Surgeon

Showcase: Lord of Contagion and Plague Surgeon

Ready for even more Death Guard? Jason’s been at it taking photos of more of his finished models. Today, he’s going to share a custom Lord of Contagion and a Plague Surgeon. Read on to see more!

Lord of Contagion

This past holiday, Hobbyvices held a Secret Santa for the Instagram Warhammer community. The ever awesome Kyle Haydon had me and knew my love for all things Nurgle. The master of kitbashing and custom models created this awesome Lord of Contagion, complete with a narrative backstory. Jason added a fly to the claw hand and painted him up.

Plague Surgeon

The other part of Jason’s gift from Kyle was this Plague Surgeon. Not being a big fan of the face option of the model, Jason made a few modifications to remove it and swap in this classic helm.

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