Thousand Sons Terminators

Showcase: Thousand Sons Terminators

Thee iconic power armor for 40k: Terminators! Jason had to have some for his Thousand Sons forces. Read on to see more about the Sorcerer in Terminator armor and the Scarab Occults!

In 2017, I was invited to an awesome Apocalypse Megabattle with the North Jersey Wargamers. Along with the battle, there were prizes for best painted mini. One of my Imperial Knights took home the honors and I picked up the Scarab Occult Terminators. They were the first I’d paint in my metallic blue scheme too. Such an awesome kit.

I magnetized the Aspiring Champion so he could run two melee weapons if he wanted. I also the heavy weapons model to run either of his heavy weapon options or just a bolter to add another marine to the unit.

I also was fortune enough to get my hands on a ForgeWorld Event exclusive Sorcerer in Terminator Armor. One BADASS sculpt if I say so myself. But to tie him into the army more I swapped out his melee weapon. I also wanted all my marines to be wearing helmets (cause ALL IS DUST) so I took a spare Scarab Occult helmet and made it fit in. For the summoned deamon, I mimicked the paint job of my Pink Horrors and had him rising from the Warpflame.

They all sit atop bases from DragonForge.

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  1. That deamon effect is awesome, and I love the burnt look on the soul reaper cannon. Very good inspiration to be found here. I also agree with your choice of cape for the aspiring sorcerer.

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