Chaos v. Blood Angels

Chaos v. Blood Angels

At long last, Max has a new table built and we’re once again bringing out the big guns for full-fledged 40k games (not just Kill Team). To kick things off, we have Jason’s Bash Brothers of Chaos going up against Max’s Devastating Blood Angels.

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels.
Jason’s Chaos list was at 99PL while Max’s Blood Angels were at 100PL

Matched Play Mission: 
The Mission picked was No Mercy. Kill an opponents unit, gain a VP. The Blood God himself would be extremely pleased.

Vanguard Strike was the layout on a 6×4 table. Max won the roll off and picked his corner first.


Jason’s Chaos:
Death Guard Patrol Detachment — Typhus, (3) units of ten Poxwalkers
Death Guard Super-Heavy Aux Detachment – Mortarion

Thousand Sons Supreme Command Detachment – Ahriman, Sorcerer in Terminator Armor (with the Helm of the Third Eye relic), Sorcerer on a Disc of Tzeentch, a unit of five Scarab Occult Terminators, Magnus the Red

Max’s Blood Angels:
Spearhead Detachment — Terminator Captain, Lieutenant, 4 units of Devastators (Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamers, Las and Missiles), Storm Raven

Vanguard Detachment – Librarian, Sanguinary Priest, Sternguard with Combi-melta, Sanguinary Guard, Company Ancient and a Drop Pod


Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • This was only the second time Jason has ran both the Daemon Primarchs on the table (the first was very briefly during Yearhammer). Would the gamble of lesser units pay off? It was his turn to go first, he moved everyone as far forward as they could but Magnus was the only one that was able to get within reach to do damage, almost eliminating two squads of Devastators.
  • It was time for Max to retaliate. Utilizing the new beta rules, all of Max’s first turn reserves made landfall in his deployment zone but that proved to be close enough to fire every Devastator squad and the Sternguard at Magnus.
  • After their shooting, the Librarian, Terminator Captain, Sanguinary Guard, Lieutenant and Company Ancient charged the Crimson King. The Guard fought first crippling Magnus to a few hit points left. Jason used 2 CP to interrupt and fight back. Magnus eliminated the Librarian, turning him into a Chaos Spawn and securing First Blood while wounding the other 3 characters. Max fought back with everyone else and it was the Ancient with a Power Fist fighting last that took the last wound from Magnus.
  • After watching his brother perish at the hands of the Imperium, Mortarion called down his lieutenant Typhus to join his Pox walkers. Together, they advanced towards the Angels of Sanguinius. Also angered by the fall of their leader, the Scarab Occult Terimators descended from the warp to join in the fight. The Storm Raven was the prime target this round, blasting it out of the sky with supreme Pysker damage from Ahriman and his rubric brothers.
  • For his second turn, Max turned his attention to Typhus and the remaining Primarch. Typhus couldn’t handle the flames from the Heavy Flamers and the lethal Multi-Meltas, securing Max a Slay the Warlord. Man a Poxwalker also fell with their leader. The Blood Angels tried to take down the Angel of Decay but he didn’t suffer a scratch.
  • For Jason’s third turn, the Sorcerer in Terminator Armor lands behind enemy lines to secure Linebreaker. Mortarion and the remaining Poxwalkers rush in and are ready to fight! His scythe made quick work of the remaining devastators,  characters and warlord with it’s sweeping and precision strikes.
  • With only two units left, there was no way the Blood Angels could answer Mortarion’s lethal strikes and the game was called.

Final Score:
Jason: 11 VP, First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker
Max: 5 VP, Slay the Warlord

Chaos Victory!

After only 3 rounds, the forces of Chaos killed enough Blood Angels there was no chance for a comeback victory. Mortarion avenges his brothers death and leads the Death Guard and Thousand Sons to a 14-6 Chaos victory.

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