Showcase: Thousand Sons Terminators

Thee iconic power armor for 40k: Terminators! Jason had to have some for his Thousand Sons forces. Read on to see more about the Sorcerer in Terminator armor and the Scarab Occults!

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Showcase: Lord of Contagion and Plague Surgeon

Ready for even more Death Guard? Jason’s been at it taking photos of more of his finished models. Today, he’s going to share a custom Lord of Contagion and a Plague Surgeon. Read on to see more!

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Showcase: Great Unclean One

Jason lucked out receiving two Great Unclean One models when his old producer at EA Mythic sent him two models when the studio closed last year. Not a bad deal right? This is his second painted model of the pair. Now to strip the other one and repaint or keep it to show how far he’s come?

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