Death Guard: Pustus the Vile

Showcase: Pustus the Vile

To round out the year, Jason’s back with some new models for his Death Guard range. The latest: Pustus the Vile!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Space Marine Hero series featuring the Death Guard (thank you random ebayer from Japan!). The first of the bunch that I built/painted was the Sorcerer/Plaguecaster, Pustus the Vile. Fun kit to paint and can’t wait to see him join the rest of my forces. On to the rest of the series!

Pustus the Vile
Pustus the Vile
Pustus the Vile
Right Side
Pustus the Vile
Left Side

This wouldn’t be a new showcase of mine if I didn’t include a video showcase as well! Check out the 4K look…

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