Showcase: Plagueburst Crawler

Showcase: Plagueburst Crawler

Can you hear the rusty crunch of tank treads approaching? That’s the last model of 2021 that Jason painted up – a Plagueburst Crawler. Read on to see more!

For my force, I somehow got away with not using any tanks. But it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on a PBC. It’s such a chunky kit and a lot of fun to paint.

The biggest question going into it was how to make my class Heresy era look fit. I decided on using green on the blade, but instead of having it clean I went with a lot of wear, tear and rust. The one thing I have left to do still is adding a bit of green glow to the spewer weapons to match my blight drones.

I also magnetized both the front hull weapon as well as the side ones. I did take a video of the process and hope to get a tutorial up soon for anyone who picked one of these great kits up for the holidays.

Plagueburst Crawler
Magnetized Weapons

Now how to transport it when I’m able to play again since I mostly run magnetic trays now, haha!

And to round it out, here’s a 4K video showcase…

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