Video Showcase: Chaos Contemptor Dreadnoughts

Video Showcase: Traitor Legion Dreadnoughts

Jason’s been busy trying a new thing out: showcase videos shot in 4K! First up, three videos featuring his latest traitor legion contemptor dreadnoughts.

Over the past few months I started on a project to paint each of the traitor legion dreadnoughts. I’ve always thought they had so much character and it’s giving me the chance to try to paint more legions. I started with the Death Guard and Thousand Sons dreads for our Paint-Off project back in November and finished up the Iron Warriors themed dread in December.

At the end of each video I list out the paints I’ve used on each dread too.

I’m planning to do more video showcases and tutorials, so be sure to throw these a like and sub to be notified of future videos!

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