Astra Militarum v. Adeptus Mechanicus

Astra Militarum v. Adeptus Mechanicus

We’re back with yet another Warhammer Wednesday quick match. This week we see Alejandro’s Astra Militarum facing off against Shane’s Adeptus Mechanicus

Game Setup

Power levels were once again at play. Both armies were at 31 PL. Since Shane lost the first roll off, he was dubbed the “Underdog”

Only War was our mission. The Victory Condition was Domination.

The game was played on a 4×4 board. The board was cut in half and deployment were on the edges.


Astra Militarum: 
Patrol Detachment — Company Commander, Lord Commissar, (2) units of ten Infantry Squad, (1) unit of ten Veterans, (2) Scout Sentinels, (1) unit of three Rocket Launcher Heavy Weapon Squads, Wyvern

Adeptus Mechanicus
Spearhead Detachment — Tech-Priest Dominus, (1) unit of two Sydonian Dragoons, (3) Onager Dunecrawlers


Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • The Dragoons were Shane’s favorite unit. Although they killed a sentinel and maybe 8 guys these things were targeted every turn by nearly everything! Due to Shroud Psalm on the first turn they had 3+ saves, plus the Incense Cloud meant that every turn the enemy had a -1 to hit modifier for shooting!
  • Shane was rolling on with the 6s for the Dragoon’s CC phase, getting in a lot of attacks.
  • Since most of Shane’s army was T6 or T7, the Wyvern didn’t do much damage this game.
  • One of Shane’s Dunecrawlers took 3 wounds… which were all repaired the next turn byDominus. Other than that the other onagers didn’t get a scratch.
  • Turn one saw both players capturing 2 objectives. Turn two saw each player capturing 1 objective and the final turn found both players capturing 2 objectives.

Final Score:
Shane: 5 VP
Alejandro: 5 VP

Victory for the Ad Mech
Victory for the Adeptus Mechanicus

After 3 rounds of combat, the players were deadlocked at 5 VP each. But since Shane was dubbed the Underdog at the beginning of the match, he won a Minor Victory today!

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