Chaos and Necron v. Astra Militarum and Blood Angels

Chaos and Necron v. Astra Militarum and Blood Angels

This past weekend saw the group playing our biggest game of 8th Edition yet, with nearly 600 Power Level on the table! The forces of Chaos (Jason and Joe) joined together with the undying Necron (Seth) legion to bring a fight to the combined Imperium forces of the Astra Militarum (Alejandro and Leo) and the Blood Angels (Max).

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels. The Chaos/Necron forces were the underdogs at 243 PL fighting against the might of the Imperium sitting at 295 PL

Only War was our mission. The new Open War cards from Games Workshop were used in this battle. The Objective was “Field of Glory” with Twist being “Acid Rain”. There are photos of the cards (plus deployment layout) in our Google Photos album for the game.

The game was played on a 6×4 board. View the deployment card in the photo album link above for deployment zones.


Jason’s Nurgle / Death Guard: 
Patrol Detachment — Herald of Nurgle, (3) units of three Nurglings, (1) unit of five Terminators, Foetid Drone, Contemptor Dreadnought, Leviathan Dreadnought, Kharybdis Assault Claw

Joe’s Khorne / World Eaters:
Battalion Detachment — Khârn the Betrayer, Skulltaker, Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, (3) units of ten Bloodletters, (1) unit of ten Bezerkers, (1) unit of nine Bezerkers, Rhino, (1) unit of three Bikers, (1) unit of three Bikers, (1) unit of three Raptors, (1) unit of three Raptors, (2) maulerfiends

Seth’s Necrons:
Patrol Detachment — Catacomb command barge, (1) unit of twelve warriors, (1) unit of ten immortals in a Night Scythe, (1) unit of three destroyers, (1) unit of three heavy destroyers

Alejandro’s Astra Militarum:
Brigade Detachment — Lord Castellan Creed, Lord Commissar, (3) units of ten Infanty Squad, Master of Ordnance, (1) unit of ten Veterans, (1) unit of three Scout Sentinels, Basilisk, (1) unit of 3 Heavy Support Squad with Rocket Launchers, Wyvern, Chimera

Leos’s Astra Militarum:
Brigade Detachment — Company Commander, Platoon Commander, Lord Comissar, Eversor Assassin, Command Squad, (5) units of ten Infantry Squads, (2) units of Heavy Weapons squads, Chimera, (3) Basilisks, (5) Leman Russ Tanks

Max’s Blood Angels:
Vangaurd Detachment — Chaplain Lemartes, (1) unit of five Death Company w/ Jump Packs, Death Company Dread, Sanguinary Priest, Librarian in Terminator armor, (1) unit of five Terminator Assault Squad w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Siege Dreadnought, (2) Storm Ravens, Shadowsword, Vindicare Assassin


We have more photos available to view on Google Photos.

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • The Nurglings proved to be a big nuisance, deploying next to the Imperium and tanking wound after wound from the Astra Militarums fire.
  • The Skulltaker was a summoning powerhouse, bringing (3) units of five Flesh Hounds onto the board which in turn denied a few Pysker Powers from the Blood Angels Librarian and ate up some Hammernators.
  • The Storm Ravens got down the board FAST on their first turn and if it wasn’t for some lucky dice rolls shooting them down, the troops embarked upon them could almost have won the game for Imperium on the 2nd turn!
  • Speaking of lucky dice rolling, Jason was rolling HOT for his Leviathan saves! The Shadowsword targeted it on the first round and hit hard. Jason needed x3 5+ saves and rolled three 6’s! The Imperium made him re-roll 2 of them (with the Painted Re-roll house rule) and he rolled two more 6’s and a 5!!! It then tanked the wounds from a Vindicare Assassin next!
  • After that, the Shadowsword attempted to assault the Leviathan but once in combat, the tracks of death just seemed to spin and did no damage.
  • Later, Jason’s dice luck ran out and the Shadowsword got it’s Nurgle blood, reducing it to scrap metal
  • The combined firepower of the Basilisks and Wyverns did their best to turn the Necron army back to scrap, but Necrons will be Necrons and they kept reanimating.
  • After the Khorne units finally killed off the Eversor Assassin, it blew up taking some skulls with it for the Emperor.
  • Alejandro’s Chimera confidently charged the bloodthirster and well, you probably know how that ended. (spoiler alert, the Bloodthirster was alive and well….)
  • The game was called after 3 rounds so the crew could watch the latest Game of Thrones episode. Nerds are gonna nerd!

Final Score:
Jason, Joe and Seth: 2 VP
Alejandro, Leo and Max: 1 VP

After 3 rounds, the combined forces of Chaos and Necron were able to hold off the Storm Raven onslaught on their own objective while Khorne’s Red Tide moved up the board to secure the middle objective to give them the win.

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