Orks v. Chaos and Necrons

Orks v. Chaos and Necron

Yesterday saw another team up game featuring Jason and Shane’s combined Waaaagh forces taking on Joe’s Chaos and Seth’s Necrons.

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels. Orks had a power level score of 150PL while the combined forces of the Necrons and Chaos had 184PL

Only War Mission: 
We used the Open War cards to decide what the game type would be.

  • The Objective: Burn and Pillage was the objective for the game. Each team put 3 objectives in their deployment and each team had to control the objective at the end of their turn to capture it. Once all three on a side where captured, the game was over.
  • The Twist: Eager to Fight was drawn. Both sides got to add +2 to all movements and +1 to all advances and charges!
  • The Ruse: Orks where the underdogs and drew Inspiring Speech, allowing them to automatically pass all morale checks as long as their Warlod was a live!

Using the Open War cards, the Spearhead map was selected


Jason & Shane’s Orks:
Brigade Detachment — Big Mek, Warboss, Weirdboy, (2) units of twenty of choppa Boyz with a Boss Nob, (1) unit of ten choppa Boyz with a Boss Nob, (1) unit of ten shoota Boyz with a Boss Nob, (1) unit of twenty Gretchin, (1) unit of ten Gretchin, (1) unit of three Meganobz, Painboy, Runtherder, (1) unit of five Tankbustas with two bomb squigs, (2) Deffkoptas, (1) unit of ten Stormboyz with a Boss Nob, (2) Lobba Big Guns, (2) Deff Dreads, (3), Killa Kanz, (2) Bubblechucka Mek Gunz, Morkanaut, (2) Dakkajets and a Trukk

Joe’s Chaos:
Outrider Detachment — Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne, (2) units of three Chaos Bikers, (2) units of five Raptors, (2) Maulerfiends
Battalion Detachment — Khârn the Betrayer, Skulltaker, Daemon Prince of Khorne, (1) unit of ten Khorne Bezerkers, Skulltaker, (2) units of ten Bloodletters

Seth’s Necrons:
Battalion Detachment — Catacomb Command Barge, Cryptek, (1) unit of ten Immortals, (1) unit of five Immortals, (1) unit of 20 Warriors, (1) unit of 10 Warriors, Triarch Stalker, (2) units of three Canoptek Scarabs, (1) unit of three Destroyers, Canoptek Spyders, (1) unit of three Heavy Destroyers



We have more photos available to view on Google Photos.

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • Having the Weirdboy take “Da Jump” pysker power proved to be a wise choice, with the Ork team jumping mobs of 20 boyz across the map to try and Burn and Pillage objectives. The Orks claimed the first objective this way!
  • A single Maulerfiend was assaulted by 4 Ork units. The Orks were really choppy and killed it but the Maulerfiend exploded taking out 2 of the Ork Units!
  • A unit of Chaos Bikers were removed from the board . . . from Bubbles!
  • The Bubblechuckas are TOO DAMN FUN! For both the Ork player and the enemy. Highly recommend for all Ork players to try.
  • The Raptors deep striked behind a mob of Gretchin, but didn’t kill a single one. One Gretchin did take out a Raptor, but the Warboss finished off the rest with his Heroic Intervention.
  • The Blood Throne is no joke on the charge. Pretty much on point with all Khorne units this edition.
  • If you’re taking Bloodletters, be sure to add the icon to the forces. Joe’s unit with it brought back all the Bloodletters that were slain that turn. Really useful!
  • Both the Gretchin and the Canoptek Scarabs where really useful this match by spreading out to try and keep the enemy from deep striking and taking an objective.

Final Score:
Jason & Shane: 2 VP
Joe & Seth: 2 VP

Minor Victory for the Orks
Minor Victory for the Orks

After 3 rounds of combat we had to call the game, both teams burned down one objective each but the Orks were the underdogs and thus secured a Minor Victory.

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