Showcase: Ahriman

What Thousand Sons army is complete without the master of the Rubric himself: Ahriman! Not content with just one version, Jason painted up two! Read on for more!

For my birthday in 2017, Max was awesome enough to gift me the 40K Ahriman model. He had recently received a new sculpt and I’ve always wanted to paint him. A few weeks earlier, Joe had a spare 30K version from one of the Horus Heresy box sets and I wouldn’t say no to having him too. I tend to run the 30K version as an Exalted Sorcerer on a Disc so he didn’t go to waste. Bases are by DragonForge.

Ahriman (40K)

Ahriman (30K)

For both variants, I magnetized them at the feet so if I ever wanted to run them without a disc (why would I?!), I’d have the option. I created a few basic sand bases for use when I need them.

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