Daemon Princes of Tzeentch

Showcase: Daemon Princes of Tzeentch

No Chaos force would be complete without a Daemon Prince (or two). Read on to find out more about Jason’s Daemon Princes of Change.

Every since the Morghast Harbingers/Archai Kit was released I knew I wanted to use them as Daemon Princes. When I started to build out my Thousand Sons, I thought how perfect the skeleton theme would fit perfectly for them. I decided to kit both out as the Harbingers with the dual blades and count as malefic talons for weapons. The armor was painted separate and with the same scheme I use for my Thousand Sons force. I took a mold of one of my TS bases to tie it into the theme without the entire base being stone. For the flames, I’m again using the same Warpflame technique to tie them into the rest of the force. The final touch, litter on a few dead Space Wolves for fluff!

Daemon Prince #1

Daemon Prince #2

Building this duo was fun, but stressful. The kit has a lot of tiny parts and sub-assemblies, but since there are two in a box you can’t go wrong!

Here they are side-by-side.

Daemon Princes of Tzeentch

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