Magnetizing the Great Unclean One

Magnetizing the Great Unclean One

Games Workshop’s latest Greater Daemon is now out in plastic: The Great Unclean One! With this kit, GW was awesome enough to include a variety of weapons to pick from . . .  so why not magnetize!? Read on to see how Jason went about it.


Magnetizing the Great Unclean One

The left arm is solidly closed so you can simply glue a magnet right on the outside with super glue, no need to drill.

Magnetizing the Great Unclean One

For the right arm, you’ll need to put some Green Stuff in the opening to give the magnet something to attach to since the arm is hollow. There is a straight plastic lip that extends out of the plastic that you can keep to help guide the hands on when fitting. I eventually removed it at the end after all the green stuff was dry to have a more flush fit.

Arm Weapons

All the arm options are holo so I used some some Green Stuff to fill it in. I’d put a magnet onto the body and press the arm with fresh green stuff onto the area to leave an imprint of where the magnet would be placed.

Let the Green Stuff dry overnight and you can use an X-Acto Knife to cut away the access. I then used a Freud FB-001 1/4-Inch by 1/4-Inch Shank Forstner Drill Bit to drill out the magnet hold a bit deeper so the arms sit flush onto the body.

Magnetizing the Great Unclean One
Left Arm Weapons
Magnetizing the Great Unclean One
Right Arm Weapons

And there ya have it. Really quick tutorial on how you can magnetize your new plastic Great Unclean one model. The same methods can be used for the head options, but I’m only going to go with one on mine so no need to magnetize.

Videos more your thing? No worries, I created a quick one:

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