Paint Off III - Kickoff

Paint Off III – Kickoff

Once again, we’re back to kick off our third Paint Off challenge for the group. We’ve done it twice before featuring Tau Crisis Suits and Eldrad Ulthran! Read on to see what’s in store for this round…

The theme this time around: Near indestructible walking death machines…

Starting today and going through the end of October the group has one mission: paint their choice of Dreadnought! Imperial, Chaos, Xenos, new and old, all fair game! As long as it’s a machine, walker and not a super heavy, it can be picked.

We’re going a bit more free-form for this challenge (similar to the Crisis Suits challenge) allowing more freedom and creativity for their choice of Dread.

We’ll be posting sneak peeks throughout October with looks at works in progress on Instagram Stories, with a full reveal aimed for the week of October 29th!

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