Ork Mek Force

Showcase: Ork Mek Force

You may remember Shane’s awesome Stompa we featured not to long ago, but today he’s back to share the rest of his mek-heavy Waaaagh. Check them out …

Big Gunz, Stormboyz & MegaNobz

While this is a mech heavy army, you gotta bring a few fleshy bodies. Filling that role are some grots and their Big Gunz, some Stormboyz to get behind the line and some MegaNobz to beat down stupid ‘umies!

Killa Kanz

Why settle for just one Klan when you can have crazy grot piloted walking death machines from three of the Ork klans!

Deff Dreads

Following suit to their little Kan brothers, the Deff Dreads come ready to shoot, burn and klaw their way through forces


When the Kanz and the Deffs can’t open up a Land Raider proper, they call in the big gunz, a Morkanaut (or is it a Gorkanaut)?

Da Leaderz

Someone’s gotta keep these gitz in line! Good thing there’s a Painboy to fix the fleshbags, a Big Mek to repair and Megaboss Buzzgob to bang some heads together.

and the full Waaaaagh…

The Full Mech Waaaagh!

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