Adeptus Mechanicus

Showcase: Adeptus Mechanicus

Shane’s latest force is his growing Adeptus Mechanicus force. Read on to check out this beautifully painted army…


Heading up the front lines for the Ad Mech are: Kataphrons Breachers, Sicarian Infiltrators, Skitarii Rangers and Skitarii Vanguards.

Heavy Support

The big (robot) guns never tire! IronStriders Ballistarius and a trio of Onager Dunecrawlers bring the pain.


Even a robot army needs to be lead. Leave that to a Tech-Priest Dominos and the main machine himself, Belisarius Cawl.

Extra Forces

Ghost Servitors and a Callidus Assassin help to take out any enemy forces left on the battlefield.

And how about some more shots of the entire force together….

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