Imperium v. Orks

Imperium v. Orks

Last week, we had another weekend double header. The first matchup: Max’s Imperium force v. Jason’s Orks and boy was it a crazy one!

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels.
Imperium: 72 PL
Orks: 75 PL

Only War Mission: 
We used the Open War cards to decide what the game type would be.

  • The Objective: Supply Cash was the objective for the game. Each player takes turns placing 3 objectives in their deployment zones. At the start of each player’s turn, they must roll a dice for each marker they control, in any order they wish. If they roll a 6, they have found the supply cache – remove the other markers. The player that controls the supply cache at the end of the fifth battle round wins the battle.
  • The Twist: Dead of Night was drawn. The maximum range of all shooting attacks and psychic powers is limited to 12”. Each battle round, on a 4+, 6″ is added to that distance.
  • The Ruse: Tactical Reserves for the Imperium. Pick one unit from your army that has been destroyed. You can set up the unit again!

Using the Open War cards, Table Halves was selected.


Max’s Imperium:
Unbound Detachment  — Librarian Dreadnought, Furioso Dreadnought, Death Company Dreadnought, Commander Pask and a Shadowsword.

Jason’s Orks:
Patrol Detachment — Big Mek, Weirdboy, (1) mob of 19 Slugga/Choppa Boyz with a Boss Nob, (1) mob of 9 Shoota boyz with a Boss Nob

Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment — Kustom Stompa



We have more photos available to view on Google Photos.

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • The Imperium got to strike first and the trio of dreadnoughts were not messing around, doing 30 wounds of damage on the Stompa!
  • With all those wounds, the Repair Crew and Big Mek had their work cut out for them trying to keep the Stompa running on all cylinders.
  • The Night Fighting twist really aided in keeping the Orks safe from the cannons of the Imperiums tank for the first few rounds.
  • With a total of 13 wounds remaining (repair crew kicking into overtime), the Stompa Gazed the Black Death … to death, destroying the Shadowsword.
  • But…. the Ruse card was played. Max revealing the Tactical Reserves card and the Shadowsword came right back onto the table on Turn 5!
  • That proved to be the death toll for the Stompa, the Black Death unloading it’s cannons and finally destroying the Stompa. Revenge best served cold.
  • The Orks weren’t giving up though, the Weirdboy jumped a mob of 20 boyz across the board and insight of General Pask who was sitting right on the supply cash.
  • Needing a roll of a 9 to assault Pask, the Orks rolled very orky with an 8. The charge failed and the game ended.

Final Score:
Max: 1 VP
Jason:  0 VP

Victory for the Imperium
Victory for the Imperium

Coming down to the very last move, the Imperium stood strong against the Greenskin assault and retained their supplies. Victory for the Imperium!

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