Blood Angels and Astra Militarum v. Eldar and Tau

Astra Militarum and Blood Angels v. Eldar and Tau

We’re back with another Warhammer Wednesday battle. This week we saw Team Imperium (Leo’s Astra Militarum and Max’s Blood Angels) going up against Team Xenos (Mike’s Eldar and Brendan’s Tau).

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels.
Team Imperium: 52PL
Team Xenos: 61 PL

Only War Mission: 
We used the Open War cards to decide what the game type would be.

  • The Objective: Glory Seeker was the objective for the game. Each player adds up the Power Rating of all enemy units that are destroyed during the battle, doubling the Power rating of any units that have the Character, Vehicle, or Monster keyword. At the end of the fifth battle round, the player with the highest
    total wins the battle (even if their own army has been wiped out!).
  • The Twist: Warp Storm was drawn. Add 1 to all Psychic tests and Deny the Witch tests. In addition, add 1 to the number of mortal wounds that a model
    suffers from Perils of the Warp.
  • The Ruse: Tactical Reserves for Team Imperium.

Using the Open War cards, the Hammer and Anvil map was selected


Leo’s Astra Militarum:
Battalion Detachment (w/ Max)  — Platoon Commander, (2) Infantry Squads, (1) Mortar Squad, (1) Heavy Bolter Squad, Basilisk, Medusa, Chimera

Max’s Blood Angels:
Battalion Detachment (w/ Leo) — Terminator Captain, (1) unit of 5 Terminators

Brendan’s Tau:
Auxiliary Support Detachment — Riptide

Mike’s Eldar:
Battalion Detachment — Asuramen, Maugan Ra, (1) unit of 10 Dire Avengers, (2) units of 5 Dire Avengers, (1) unit of 5 Striking Scorpions, (1) unit of 5 Dark Reapers.



We have more photos available to view on Google Photos.

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • Turn 1, the scorpions charge a chimera and knock off an additional wound in CC while avoiding being ground to paste under the treads.
  • Also on the first turn, the Medusa thunders a shell across the board striking a direct hit on the Riptide, who takes 4 wounds.
  • Power swords and Power Fists turned a unit of Dire Avengers into a footnote of the battle. Only the Exarch is left after the cloud of vaporized Xenos blood settles.
  • The Riptide flies across the board, perching on a nearby ruin, overcharging its Ion Blaster and locking on to an Imperial Basilisk hiding in a factory. BUT, the suits weapons over heat, causing it to take 1 mortal wound, but not before melting more than half of the Basilisks wounds away.
  • Dark reapers unload into the terminators, who’s armor finally gives out. One after another every marine collapses into the ruins, finally succumbing to their horrendous wounds.
  • The Ruse card is played returning the destroyed unit of BA terminators back to the field of battle!
  • The riptide jumps down to the top of a toxic waste vat, and takes aim at the basilisks front shield. The suits weapons do no damage but a CP is used to reroll a missed shot, but instead of not doing any damage, the weapon overheats causing an additional mortal wound!
  • The terminator captain charges The Dire Avengers, who overwatch him causing him to collapse into a lifeless heap… until a CP is used to make a final reroll! Saving his life at the last second!
  • Asurman makes a heroic intervention, piling in with his Avengers, who slice the Captain in a Welter of blood and machine parts.

Final Score:
Leo and Max: 54 VP
Brendan and Mike: 52 VP

Victory for the Imperium
Victory for the Imperium

After 5 crazy rounds, the Imperium held strong and killed off a few more units than the battle hardened Xeno forces. What a close game!

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