Death Guard v. Necron

Death Guard v. Necrons

With 8th edition in full swing, we’re going to start sharing more battle reports. Next up: Can the sons of Nurgle overcome the undying robotic horde of the Necrons?

Game Setup

The game was ran using Power Levels. Jason’s Death Guard was sitting at 77PL, while Seth’s Necrons were at 76PL

Only War was our mission. The Victory Condition was Domination.

Corners of the table (picked by Seth).


Death Guard: 
Battalion Detachment — Typhus, Plaguecaster, (3) units of five Plague Marines,  (1) unit of ten Poxwalkers, (2) Rhinos
Super Heavy Detachment — Renegade Imperial Knight
Auxiliary Detachment — (1) squad of five Havocs with Missile Launchers

Battalion Detachment — Destroyer Lord w/ Warscythe, Cryptek, (1) unit of five Lychguard, (1) unit of ten Warriors, (1) unit of ten Warriors in a Night Scythe, (1) unit of ten Immortals w/ Gauss, Triarch Stalker, (2) units of two Destroyers and a Heavy Destroyer


We have more photos available to view on Google Photos.

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • Seth took first blood!
  • Even though the Necron reanimation protocol has changed in 8th, it’s still hard to take out a unit. They keep coming back. Focus fire and take them out unit by unit if possible.
  • Seth’s army had a lot more troops on the ground, helped him get around easier to the objectives.
  • Poxwalkers again proved to be super resilient, even left on their own. Disgustingly Resilient coming through again.
  • Seth’s dice were rolling red hot this game too. Will that be first game luck or can it continue? Jason’s die on the other hand, were ice cold…

Final Score:
Jason: 5 VP
Seth: 12 VP

Victory for the Necron!
Victory for the Necron!

After 4 rounds, Jason admitted defeat and Seth’s Necrons take their first win in 8th Edition, crushing the Death Guard under their metal feet.

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  1. Was a pleasure to play against such a fluffy and awesomely-painted army! Love what you’re doing with your DG.

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