Brookhammer Cup - Necrons v. Tyranids

Brookhammer Cup – Necron v. Tyranids

The group-wide Brookhammer Cup tournament has returned! And this past weekend, we got the first round of games all wrapped up. Our first game was Seth’s Necrons taking on Leo’s Tyranids. Can the undying robots survive the Kraken fleet?! Read on to find out!

Game Setup

Each player has a maximum of 2,000pts.
They’ll use that list for the remainder of the tournament.

Matched Play Mission: 
The Scouring (From the core rulebook – replacing First Blood with First Strike)

Hammer & Anvil was the layout on a 6×4 table. Seth won the roll off and picked his end of the board.


Seth’s Necrons
Mephrit Dynasty – Battalion Detachment
Cryptek, Overlord, (2) squads of ten Immortals with Tesla, a squad of five Immortals with Gauss Blasters, (2) Triarch Stalkers, a squad of 6 Tomb Blades

Novakh Dynasty – Outrider Detachment
Destroyer Lord, Lychguard, a unit of 3 Canoptek Wraiths, (2) squads of five Destoryers each with a Heavy Destroyer

Leo’s Tyranids
Kraken – Brigade Detachment
Broodlord, Neurothrope, The Swarmlord, (2) units of 15 Genestealers, a unit of 30 Hormagaunts, (2) units of 30 Termagants, a unit of three Tyranid Warriors, (2) Lictors, a unit of three Venomthropes, a unit of fifteen Gargoyles, (2) units of three Sky-slasher Swarms, (3) Biovores and a Carnifex

Brookhammer Cup - Necrons v. Tyranids

Turn 01 Highlights

  • Not much to report. The Tyranid force ran en masse towards the Necrons but the robots didn’t have much range to shoot at the approaching swarm

Brookhammer Cup - Necrons v. Tyranids

Turn 02 Highlights

  • Three of the Tyranids smited a Stalker into metallic dust.
  • The Destroyers were overran by the Nids, but Seth was rolling really hot saves in close combat, keeping his robots alive.
  • The remaining Stalker was overran by Swarms.
  • Meanwhile, the Genestealers were rolling really cold in combat. Seth took advantage of this, interrupting the fight for 2 CP and letting his Wraiths fight next, killing a lot of Genestealers.
  • The Necrons continued their decimation of the Genestealers this round, with the Tomb Blades taking out 12 more of them.
  • The Destroyers aimed their cannons to the skies to take out 11 gargoyles!
  • 2 remaining Lich Guard and the Wraiths decided to charge the Broodlord, leaving it with 2 wounds left after the combat. BUT, the Broodlord interrupted and killed the final wraith. The Lychguard killed the Broodlord but Leo spent 2CP to fight before dying and took out the last two Guard!
  • The Necrons killed a total of 40 nids in this turn alone!

Brookhammer Cup - Necrons v. Tyranids

Turn 03 Highlights

  • The Swarmlord had enough and charged into a squad of Immortals, turning them to scrap metal.

Brookhammer Cup - Necrons v. Tyranids

Turn 04 Highlights

  • The remaining destroyers turned their attention to the Swarmlord and landed all their shots, turning the lord to liquid goo.
  • One remaining Wraith (with 1 wound left) rolled a 4 on an Charge (needed a 5) to assault some Termagants. The Termagant overwatch took off the remaining wound, but Seth used 1 CP to re-roll one of the unsuccessful saves to save him from death.

Misc Highlights & More Photos

  • The Robots were not feeling very robot-y, only resurrecting a total of 5 the entire game with their reanimation protocols.
  • Seth took home the Most Killed badge, deleting a ton of Tyranids off the table
  • Seth also had the hottest dice this game.
  • Points Lost (fully dead units)
    • Leo – 743 pts
    • Seth – 708 pts.

Final Score

After four rounds of crazy shooting and fierce combat, the scores were:
Seth: 1 VP, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker
Leo: 12 VP, Linebreaker

Brookhammer Cup - Necrons v. Tyranids

In the end, the Leo’s Tyranid swarm was too much for the Necron force, capturing almost all the objectives and giving Leo the first win in the tournament! But Seth has been in this position in the prior two tournaments and came back to win both. Could we see a rematch in the finals?



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