Eldar v. Adeptus Mechanicus

Eldar v. Adeptus Mechanicus

Warhammer Wednesday’s are getting even better with the Open Play of 8th Edition. This week, we had the first games for Mike (Eldar) and Shane (Adeptus Mechanicus)!

Game Setup

Power levels were once again at play. Both Mike’s Eldar and Shane’s Ad Mech were running at 30 PL.

Only War was our mission. The Victory Condition was Ancient Relic.

The game was played on a 4×4 board. Deployment was on the corners, diagonal from one another.


Adeptus Mechanicus: 
Patrol Detachment — (1) unit of four Skitarii Rangers, Onager Dunecrawler, Tech Priest Dominus, (1) unit of three Kataphron Destroyers, Cybernetica Datasmith

Patrol Detachment — Warlock on a Jetbike, (2) units of three Wind Riders, a Vyper, (1) unit of Shining Spears, (1) unit of Banshees


Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • The relic was placed on the Sky Shield landing pad. This proved to be in Mike’s favor. Shane’s plan was to hunker down and try to weather the storm.
  • The Cybernetica Datasmith was Shane’s MVP, continuously repairing the damaged Dunecrawler.
  • The dice were not in Shane’s favor, whiffing rolls with the icarus cannon against the jetbikes.
  • Mikes’s Banshees ran up the board and tied up the Dunecrawler for a few turns.
  • Both guys had a blast with their first game of 8th edition, finding it easy to pick up and run and look forward to more higher point level games!

Final Score:
Mike: 6 VP
Shane: 0 VP

Victory for the Eldar
Victory for the Eldar

In the end, the Eldar proved to be too mobile for the Ad Mech and they took home the victory!

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