Cadian Conscripts

Showcase: Cadian Conscripts

Looking at the tabletop and seeing vast amounts of Astra Militarum soldiers lining up, getting ready to go to the front line can be a menacing view (in 40k). While playing, the idea of using “First Line Fire, Second Line Fire” really grasped my attention. As I found out later, because of the game dynamics, having loads of bodies would not be enough to beat a fellow gamer.

I had purchased some second hand Cadian Stormtroopers and many of them did not have water canteens and grenades. I decided that I wanted to make them into Conscripted soldiers for my army. The idea started when a kitbashed miniature was painted into a conscript.There was another miniature that had its face covered in green stuff which made it look like a full covered helmet. A visor was painted out of the helmet. When complete, I remembered an older Astra Militarum Codex talking about the “white shields,” which led me to paint white line on the helmet using Celestra Grey, and Ulthan Grey.

Cadian Conscripts

Once both figures were complete, I read the older codex and realized that at some point there were penal legions used in the game. I really like this idea of convicts fighting for the imperium and just being used as cannon fodder. Making some modifications, and adding different parts from an old Empire kit, I mixed and matched the bodies and heads.

Cadian Conscripts

Paint-wise, The fatigues were done with Jakaero Orange, with a shade of Agrax Earthshade, then layered with the same orange, and highlighted with Troll Slayer Orange. The Armor was based with Mechanicus Standard Gray, shaded with null oil and directly highlighted with Celestra gray. Someone in instagram suggested to add barcodes on the shoulder and that added a bit of identity to the squad.

Cadian Conscripts

Inner Circle was on the horizon and the gathering Storm out of the way (Post Cadia) I wanted to paint something different, so i proceeded to paint the rest of the conscripts. The next batch was done with a darker brown, to signify that ranks in what’s left in Cadia are being replenished, and that new fatigues are being produced to meet the needs of the new Conscripts.. The fatigues were based with steel legion drab, and the armor painted in regular Castellan Green. It was shaded Agrax Earthshade, and highlighted right away with Straken Green and Steel Legion Drab.

Cadian Conscripts

This next batch was done the same way as the prior batch, except that it was dipped in Army Painter Quick Shade. I have to say, it was done fairly quickly, but more care had to be taken when handling the shade, and making sure that no excess was left. I also made sure that the skin of the conscripts was done in different colors to signify individuals from different planets with different pigmentations.

Cadian Conscripts

The last 8 of the 40 conscripts. The biggest difference with these guys is that their fatigues are painted in different shades, to signify that not all conscripts with get new clothes. Many will die, and those left receive the old fatigues from the dead soldiers. Being out in the battlefield for so long left these fatigues to lose their color.

With all of these ideas in mine, i still ponder if the last 50 with be done using orange or the same color scheme as the other conscripts. Still in the creative process of figuring that out. In the meantime, enjoy!

Cadian Conscripts

3 thoughts on “Showcase: Cadian Conscripts”

  1. Hi Alejandro, I have a strange question for you. Do you know where I could get the same head that is on your lead convict (the one with his gun pointing up) ??

    My best friend Layo recently passed away and I got his half painted cadian army. The head that I want – believe it or not – looks just like him and I would just love to make a 40K Layo!

    If you’ve got any ideas where the head came from or where I could get it or even if you were willing to sell it, it would mean the world to me.

    Many thanks,

    1. not him, but is from the old Empire Knights sprue, particulary the knights of the white wolf option.

    2. Hi there!
      That head comes from the Empire Knights sprue, particulary the Knights of the White Wolf option. Make your 40k Layo! 🙂

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