Yearhammer 2017

Yearhammer 2017

Yearhammer is once again upon us! We’re ready to kick off the New Year with our second annual mega battle once again featuring the Imperium taking on the amassing Xeno threat…

Game Setup

Duration: 2-3 days
Table Size: 4 foot x 10 foot + a 4 foot by 4 foot Zone Mortalis
Matched Play – 10,000 points a side
Game Type: Exterimatus 
Mysterious Objectives: Disabled
Tactical Cards: Disabled
Winner: Team with the highest total of Victory Points at the end of the game


Team Xenos:
The Great Waaaaagh of last year has rolled on to capture more of the Imperium forces. The Goffs have recruited the help of the Bad Moons and Evil Sunz. A dormant force of Necron have awaken to help the Greenskins take control of an ancient relic found deep within the Zone Mortalis. The forces of Chaos have been stirring nearby and are ready to help spill some Imperium blood.

The Xeno forces are played by:
– Jason: Orks, Death Guard
– Seth: Necron
– Shane: Orks

Team Imperium & Tau:
The Tau forces have regrouped from the last mega battle and their renewed focus on the Greater Good starts with the annihilation of all the Greenskin forces in their sector. They have found themselves outside an Imperium stronghold held by the Blood Angels, Dark Angels and a local Astra Militarum militia. The Imperium forces welcome the help of the Tau in defense of their Zone Mortalis and its secrets held within.

The Imperium forces are played by:
– Andrew R: Tau
– Brendan: Tau
– Danny: Tau
– Joe: Dark Angels
– Max: Blood Angels, Astra Militarum


We have more photos available to view on Google Photos (a lot more!)

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • If Troops died, they would go into on-going reserves and were able to be brought back into the game.
  • Zone Mortalis was in play! In order to access it, a unit needed to get to an “elevator” in the middle of the board. Alternatively, unit’s that had the Deep Strike ability could drop into the Zone.
  • Natural Distasters (starting turn 3) did a lot of damage, especially to vehicles.
  • The Imperium Terminators took hold and didn’t let go of the Zone Mortalis, making it extra difficult for the Xeno threat that managed to make their way inside.
  • After the second Stompa took it’s last hit and with no way of penetrating the Zone Mortalis terminator squads, Team Xenos called the game…

Final Score:
Yearhammer 2017 - Winners

The joint forces for the Great Good proved to be too much for the Waaaagh to handle, and Team Imperium takes home the victory in this year’s Yearhammer battle with a final score of 24-16. Epic is an understatement!!!

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