Noctilith Crown

Showcase: Noctilith Crown

Who’s ready for some terrain? Jason’s back with his latest finished piece, the Chaos Stargate Noctilith Crown! Read on to find out more . . .

I can’t get enough of this latest release of Chaos Space Marine goodness. But as much as I adore the new line-up, one item really stuck out to me: the Noctilith Crown. It’s rules are just perfect for both my Death Guard (hello 5+ inv for my Poxwalkers) and for my Thousand Sons (what’s that? I can re-roll any pyschic test?!). I couldn’t wait to pick one up.

Noctilith Crown

I took the chance to try out the Scale 75 metallics on the main frame, both Trash Metal (main frame) and Black Metal (the inner parts). I used the Brass colors on my Khorne units but this was the first time airbrushing them. They go on so smooth too.

Here are a few more detail shots:

I decided to not do a glow on the metallic rim from the coils as it didn’t make sense as a light source. I wanted them to be heated but not glowing, so there is some color grading inside.

I had the pleasure of testing it out in a game before painted and I already want a second!

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