Astra Militarum v. Orks

Astra Militarum v. Orks

We’re back with yet another Warhammer Wednesday quick match. This week we see Alejandro’s Astra Militarum try to fend off Jason’s Ork Waaagh.

Game Setup

Power levels were once again at play. Alejandro’s Astra Militarum were at 34PL while Jason’s Orks were at 38PL

Only War was our mission. The Victory Condition was Ancient Relic.

The game was played on a 4×4 board. The board was cut in half and deployment were on the edges.


Astra Militarum: 
Patrol Detachment — Lord Commissar, Company Commander, (3) Infantry Squads(with heavy bolters, lasguns, special weapons and sergants, Master of Ordnance, (1) unit of Ratlings with Snipers, (1) unit of three Scout Sentinels, (1) Heavy Support Squad with missile launchers, Wyvern

Patrol Detachment — Ghazghkull Thraka, Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field, (1) Painboy, (1) unit of 10 boys with a Boss Nob, (1) unit of 20 boyz, (1) unit of one Deffkopta.


We have more photos available to view on Google Photos.

Highlights and Score Breakdown

  • The MVP’s of the match were Jason’s Painboy who was ignoring wounds and healing the Big Mek and Alejandro’s Wyvern who just chew through the big mob of Boyz
  • Squad 005 rolled really hot and tore up the mob of Boyz attacking the Sentinels (after the Sentinels fell back after combat)
  • Ghaz was a walking blender. Just annihilating any squad he came in close combat with.
  • The Guard brought A LOT of firepower. In the end, Jason only had 2 models left out of a total of 34!
  • It was Jason’s first time using his Orks in 8th Edition and he was pleasantly surprised how great the Boyz were in Close Combat. The tricky part is getting them there! Maybe a Weirdboy with “Da Jump” next time?
  • The last of the mob of 20 Boyz had to do a Morale check and failed. “The Boss is watching” meant Ghaz killed the last three of those boys. He decided he was going to just win the battle by himself (which he just about did, tanking a lot of damage for the last round of the game with the Big Mek at his side).

Final Score:
Jason: 6 VP
Alejandro: 0 VP

Victory for the Greenskins!
Victory for the Greenskins!

In the end, Ghazghkull stood strong and held the relic through the last round of fire with only a Big Mek to keep him company.

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